Latest Site Analysis Tools

Our instant site analysis and 3D built form evaluation allows our users to easily interpret the Planning Policies. Our tools and work flow is based on the City of Toronto’s Tall Building & Mid-Rise Guidelines and in-depth professional knowledge of building typologies and the Approvals evaluation process. Our tools allow for users to customize parameters to easily test various options and alternatives.

3D massing studies

Instantly generate realistic 3D building massing proposals. See building size (GCA, GFA, NSA, estimated unit count), resulting density and determine land value at the touch of a button.


Sun Shadow Analysis

Dynamically generate shadow studies to test implications of proposed built form. Our sensitivity analysis highlights new shadows that touch public parks. Instant feedback informs massing and setback decisions early in the design process.

Incremental Shadow Study

December, 21 (09:18 am - 16:18 pm)

Net new shadows in blue, net new touching a park in red, net new with neighbourhood covering park already in purple.


Latest Map Layers

We are building tools to make exploring and understanding intersecting planning policy areas fast and easy. Our online mapping aggregates data layers that can be explored intuitively in an interactive 3D map, and then provides the ability to summarize information for a specific property parcel. We have spent time collecting, cleaning and optimizing layers available from the City of Toronto Open Data Portal and creating our own in the case they are not available from the City. There are many other layers available than what is show below, with new ones added all the time.

You can test out the majority of our tools by signing up for a TRIAL ACCOUNT.

We encourage you to reach out and let us know what you think of what we have built so far, and we have a lot of exciting things in the works that we can't wait to share with you! If you would like to organize a demo please do so here.


Zoning By-Law 569-2013 : Categories


Zoning By-Law : Heights


Official Plan - Land Use


Secondary Plans


TO Core


Natural Heritage


Heritage Conservation Districts & Listed/Designated Properties



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Urban Structure & Right of Way Widths

See you at RealTrends Conference Sept 13

Real Trends Forum, Canada's leading conference on commercial, industrial, retail & Multi Family real estate is taking place September 13th in Toronto. CEO and Co-Founder, Monika Jaroszonek will be speaking on a panel that explores how technology and regulatory changes are changing the role that brokers and lawyers play in property development.

Technology is transforming industries, making them more modern and efficient. It augments the accessibility of information, cuts our inefficiencies and reduces the risk of theft or fraud. It is hard to imagine that a more secure, faster, trusted process for buying, leasing and selling property will not catch on. But what does it look like, who does it impact and in what area? How are companies capitalizing on these changes to increase revenues and cut costs?

Monika will be participating in a panel discussion to bring her perspective on the challenges of integrating insight from different sources, what the impact will be to jobs, systems and policies.

Official Plan + Transit Layers

Smart development needs to be near transit to keep the city moving.  Take a look at our latest layers:  we’ve added the extents of the current and proposed transit infrastructure and the City’s Official Plan Land Use maps!  Enjoy!


RATIO.CITY is an online mapping and analysis tool that helps real estate developers, urban planners, architects and municipalities instantly evaluate potential development sites.  Get in touch with us to schedule a DEMO for your team!