RATIO.CITY is transforming the traditional Real Estate Development Industry to help build great cities.

Our online mapping and analysis tools unlock potential development locations quickly and strategically, helping urban redevelopment projects get through the municipal approvals process and out of the ground faster.

Instant site analysis and 3D built form evaluation gives Real Estate Industry Professionals the information they need to make strategic decisions; optimizing staff and consultant time, ultimately reducing investment risk and saving on land carrying costs.


Find your next development site 

Search the whole city for your specific target criteria. Customized filters can be based on zoning regulations, urban structure, existing use, physical characteristics such as size or number of frontages, proximity to transit or by neighbourhood.  




Analyze various building massing options based on Municipal Guidelines and regulations and customize based on your target niche, pro forma requirements and neighbourhood precedents.  Generate realistic 3D building massing proposals instantly and determine land value at the touch of a button.



Structure your workflow

Keep track of sites investigated and their status.  Automatically generate and export PDFs or CVS summary reports to collaborate with Consultants and Stakeholders easily..




Generate customized 3D building massing instantly. Test various alternatives easily to establish land valuation and understand your risk sensitivities.  

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low rise


  • stacked townhouses,

  • back to back / stacked

  • conventional through units

  • target unit size, min unit width

  • min separation distances

mid rise

based on Mid Rise Guidelines, customize:

  • apply front/rear angular plane

  • define max/min building depth

  • number of stories above AOR

  • ground floor & typical floor to floor heights

BUTTON 4.png

high rise

based on Tall Building Guidelines, customize:

  • max tower floor plate size

  • min tower separation distances

  • min setbacks from property lines

  • number of stories above AOR

  • ground floor & typical floor to floor heights


photography by AirNorm