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We are currently building a platform for the City of Toronto.  Please get in touch with us directly if you are looking at sites in other municipalities and we will try to help you out:  




Site Report


  • Ward, Councillor, Planning Manager
  • Site dimensions, site area, Right of Way (ROW) width
  • Official Plan Urban Structure, Land Use Policies
  • Secondary Plan if applicible
  • Heritage Designation if applicable
  • 569-2013 Zoning Bylaw: Zone Category, Development Standard Set, Density, Coverage, Height
  • links to other recent Developments in the area

Massing Study

  • Choose between Low Rise / Mid Rise / High Rise Typology
  • Customize parameters such as setbacks, maximum floor depth, floor heights, additional floors over and above As of Right, and specify front or rear angular planes
  • Generate the resulting 3D Visualization
  • Calculate GCA and density
  • Please note we are currently focusing on Urban Infill sites for single buildings.  The maximum site area for Massing Studies is +/- 50 000sf.  Please contact us directly for pricing for Masterplan Massing Studies for multiple buildings or larger sites.