What Ratio.City Does

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analyze sites

Select a property and get an instant policy summary, including links to pages on the City’s website. See former zoning by-laws, official plans, transit proximity, and nearby development applications.

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Search for land parcels meeting your criteria

Filter by zone type and use type to find your ideal land parcel within the city. 

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3D Mass new buildings

Instantly mass 3D buildings, manipulate their height and setbacks, and add front and rear angular planes. See the development potential and get site areas, parking requirements, and floor area summaries, as well as estimated land value. 

research development applications

Get a visual representation of nearby development applications, as well as their proposed height, and their application status. Pull reports for the immediate area and the ward, and see developing trends. 

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perform instant shadow studies

Do shadow studies in a fraction of the time for solstices and equinoxes. Or, perform neighbourhood shadow studies. 

generate reports, save and share your buildings

Create reports for sharing your findings with colleagues and potential investors. Available reports include Policy Summary, Development Applications, Development Potential, and Shadow Studies. Or, save a new building for later review, or share it via a URL link with a colleague

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coming soon! multi-massing

Mass multiple parcels on a property - build your own empire.

Interested in learning more or getting a free demo or trial? We can help with that!