Beta 2.0 Live Preview

We just released a overhaul of our original BETA!  Login with either your email or LinkedIn credentials for the next 2 weeks.  Take it for a spin and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Filter Search

Search for off-market sites across the whole city.  As a demonstration, we have set up filters for Existing Zoning Category and a limited number of Existing Uses.  What other search criteria do you consider a "must have" to make this an indispensable tool for off-market site identification?  

Updated User Interface Design

Adding the additional functionality required we tighten up the layout.  What you think about the new pull down menus, labels and toggles?  Was it easy enough to find what you're looking for?

user tips:

  • reset the search by pressing CLEAR button;
  • the closer your zoom, the faster the results return;
  • scroll through the pagination at the bottom to see all results
search preview.png

Data Visualization

One of the most exciting aspects of new mapping technology is to give us new ways of seeing cities.   In this case, overlaying the existing built form and the allowable zoning heights in San Fransisco and highlighting the areas of the biggest differential.  This is a great example of an intuitive visualization of complex data sets that helps in understanding city structure and highlighting development potential.   

It made us start to think about changes to the planning approvals process and how we can use technology to find sites that meet Provincial Planning Policies and growth targets...stay tuned...