Why we do what we do

“Hold on, are you kidding me?” Our intrepid planning intern, Tessa, asked after seeing our first demo. 


“You can just turn on a layer on the map and see all of the nearby development applications and get a link to the application?”


“Do you know how long this usually takes?!?”

If you’ve ever had to look through a dozen maps on a municipal website to find a zoning by-law, or an amendment, or even a right of way width, you get it: finding the data you need can be a laborious and time consuming process. 

Toronto, and many Canadian cities, have great open data policies. Unfortunately, some of that data can be hard to find or interpret.

We set out to make the whole process of finding, researching, and analyzing a property/site easier. All of the available data is consolidated into one map, so you can see and hide information at the click of a button, and instantly 3D mass a building. 

But why bother? Why take the time to gather this information, geo-spacially organize all of the maps, and build an intuitive interface?

We do it because we want to use technology to help build better cities. We want the initial phase of a project to be streamlined and efficient, so you can see all of the benefits and risks quickly and easily, and make an informed decision. 

If you’d like to be like Tessa and discover how quick and easy it is to find information with Ratio.City’s online tool, give our free trial a spin, or contact us for a demo.