Latest Site Analysis Tools

Our instant site analysis and 3D built form evaluation allows our users to easily interpret the Planning Policies. Our tools and work flow is based on the City of Toronto’s Tall Building & Mid-Rise Guidelines and in-depth professional knowledge of building typologies and the Approvals evaluation process. Our tools allow for users to customize parameters to easily test various options and alternatives.

3D massing studies

Instantly generate realistic 3D building massing proposals. See building size (GCA, GFA, NSA, estimated unit count), resulting density and determine land value at the touch of a button.


Sun Shadow Analysis

Dynamically generate shadow studies to test implications of proposed built form. Our sensitivity analysis highlights new shadows that touch public parks. Instant feedback informs massing and setback decisions early in the design process.

Incremental Shadow Study

December, 21 (09:18 am - 16:18 pm)

Net new shadows in blue, net new touching a park in red, net new with neighbourhood covering park already in purple.