We need to be smarter about how we build our cites.

Urbanization is a global trend & land is an increasingly valuable resource.   We have to find new ways to use it more efficiently to house our growing urban population while similtaneously creating livable communities.  


Our Vision

Our vision is to fundamentally change the way that Real Estate Development deals are identified and evaluated.  We want to use data and technology to help the Real Estate Industry intuitively understand the complex urban structure of cities and find great sites for redevelopment.  

Monika Jaroszonek

CEO + Co-founder

Monika has over 15 years experience working in award winning Architectural firms in Toronto.  She has specialized in mixed use development projects at a variety of scales and has personally designed millions of square feet of completed projects.

She has comprehensive and extensive experience with provincial and municipal Development Approvals Processes;  City of Toronto Planning guidelines and policies, particularly Tall Buildings Guidelines and Mid-Rise Guidelines.

EM Headshot.JPG

Erin Morrow

CTO + Co-founder

Erin has over 18 years of experience in computational design, software development and product management. He is passionate about improving the built environment through computational processes that can scale to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Erin is internationally recognized for his contributions to the research and development of crowd simulation tools and he has personally led operational analysis of a number of critical infrastructure projects such as Toronto Union Station and Dubai International Airport.